Progressing Work-Based Learning

based on the TVET System of Thailand

Work-based Learning makes a significant contribution to improving the quality of TVET systems by specifically opening up the workplace as a place of learning and integrating it conceptually. National (e.g. Thailand) and international TVET strategies (e.g. UNESCO TVET strategy 2022-2029) address Work-based Learning as an important objective. 

The BMBF-funded project “Progressing Work-based Learning in Thailand (ProWoThai)” aims to explore approaches to WBL in Thailand and to contribute to the further development of WBL through cooperative action research with partners in Thailand.

This webpage is being developed in the context of ProWoThai. In addition to the project, it aims to provide information on structural approaches and systemic elements of WBL, as well as becoming a platform for interactive exchange on the topic of WBL.